Amour Audacio



  1. Girl With Chestnut Hair (Butchvarov)
  2. Prettiest Girl (Butchvarov)
  3. Endless Miles (Butchvarov)
  4. Dancing Angels (Butchvarov)
  5. She’ll Be Walking On Air (Butchvarov)
  6. Let Me In (Butchvarov)
  7. Salacious Gal (Butchvarov)
  8. Lost And Found (Butchvarov)
  9. Supernova (Butchvarov)


Guitars, Synthesizers, and Vocals – CP Butchvarov
Drums and Percussion – Terry Lee Storhaug
Bass – V Arouet
Vocal Harmonies – Brian Barnes
Artwork by Misty Amber Dawn
Production Assistance by Barry Little at Nomad Studio in Daphn Alabama

Recorded in Minneapolis – St. Paul Minnesota and Fairhope Alabama

All Songs written by CP Butchvarov

Copyright 2009 by CP Butchvarov