TikTalk Stories

Highlighted words in each story contain links to songs.

The Blind Boys

Russian Tea Room

Porn King of Minnesota

Jew’s Harp

The Aesthete

Briefcase Man

Night Watchman With 38 Special

The Narrow Channel

The Tree Of Life

The Streetwalker

Blunote 440–Chapter 1

Blunote 440–Chapter 2

Blunote 440–Chapter 3

The Landing

The Pope and the Gypsy

Goddess in Training


Story Of A Song

The Long Walk

Snow Angels

Baby Cottonmouth

The Headmaster

The Trial -Chapter 1

The Trial – Chapter 2

The Whistlin’ Whittler

The Apologist

AI Supernova-Chapter 1

At The Rave

Those Pesky Voices

AI Supernova-Chapter 2

Donnie n’ Vlad

AI Supernova-Chapter 3


AI Supernova-Chapter 4