Lyrics – The Rumbling Belly

The Rumbling Belly

I asked you to forgive me and poured you a glass of wine
You said I am so sorry it’s all over now it has been for a long long time
How many hearts must shatter for the flower to grow strong
It’s pictured in the heavens and born in the stars
They’ve been there for a long long time…

The dreamer gazes inward wild longings for the lover
Sweet calm fills the gentle heart love brings round the best and shall be for a long long time
Saw the children playing no cares to burden their souls
Saw the mothers weeping for fear of this world
They’ve cried now for a long long time…

For the price of a ticket on trans-world airlines you can fight in the holy wars
Trade your house and your car for a battle tank blast through the enemie’s doors
What you see is what you get a flag covered casket patriots waving red white and blue
The cost of your freedom just don’t come cheap I suppose it’s all in what you do…

Somewhere deep in the rumbling belly the girls of hollywood have no fear
They’ll brush on their mascara tell you all the lies you ever want to hear…

Television’s blazing audio is deafening the boys at the top play for keeps
It isn’t a joy ride it’s no pleasure cruise poor man dies while mother weeps
Groveling like a dog in a back yard cage devoid of the meaning of it all
Oblivious to reason blinded by the ghosts el presidente says let’s play ball…

Somewhere deep in the rumbling belly the girls of hollywood have no shame
They’ll fuck you for a role or two never ever remember your name…

Drawn on the maps in the boardrooms and bunkers master plan to manipulate
We’re lambs and we’re wolves we’re precariously balanced for love of self love of state
Sharks circle round us every night and day havn’t got a knife or a gun
The blues mix so nicely with the sea and sand wars are fought but never won…

They’re madness and they’re useless the wars fought for the love of pride
They’re wasteful and they’re aimless though you think you picked the winning side….

Thought I knew the answers surely had them all sewed up
It was said so long ago you’ll never really know you’ll try though for a long long time
This life’s an endless tightrope a comic carnival ride
It turns round and round again never will resolve been turning for a long long time…

CP Butchvarov