Saw It At The Circus – Part 2


  1. The Brockenwilde Beast (Flagg and Butchvarov)
  2. Dancing Mystics
  3. Down To Earth  (Bowers and Butchvarov)
  4. Gentle Messidor (Butchvarov)
  5. Mama Oh Mama (Butchvarov)
  6. Permanent Peace (Butchvarov)
  7. Poster Boy (Butchvarov)
  8. Tell Me A Story (Bowers and Butchvarov)
  9. The Officeworker (Butchvarov)


Guitars, Synthesizers, Vocals – CP Butchvarov
Drums and Percussion – Terry Lee Storhaug
Bass – V Arouet

Recorded in Minneapolis – St. Paul Minnesota and Fairhope Alabama

All Songs Copyright 2011 CP Butchvarov