Songs for Elvis

  1. Somewhere In The Stars (Butchvarov)
  2. The King’s Wall (song for Elvis) (Butchvarov and Bowers)
  3. 90 On A Bike/On The Beach (Butchvarov and Flagg)
  4. Contract (Butchvarov and Bowers)
  5. At The Bistro (Butchvarov)
  6. Tick Tock (Jack in the box) (Butchvarov)
  7. The Plan (Butchvarov)
  8. Sweet Summer Rose (Butchvarov)
  9. The Bunk We Sleep In (Butchvarov) banjo by Ned (Ned’s Fish Market)

Released 2001. Words and music by CP Butchvarov except where John Bowers or Jo Flagg wrote the words. Performances by Butchvarov. Cover art by Tim Starsnick. Recorded in St Paul, MN.

Copyright © 2001 by CP Butchvarov